Nutritional analysis without lab tests

Nutraid database analysis software is a cost-effective platform for calculating recipe nutrition, and creating EU 1169 and FDA compliant food labels in minutes.

Restaurants, hotels and caterers can quickly get calorie and allergen information for their recipes and menus, with easy management, updates and sharing of recipe data, values and costing reports across the organization –  learn more.

Unique to Nutraid, food manufactures can automatically translate their food labels to 7 different languages. Get nutritional analysis, ingredient deceleration and allergen declaration, without depending on food laboratory tests or external consultants  – learn more.

  • Manage your recipes from anywhere

    Manage your recipes from anywhere

    Create recipes and sub-recipes on-line, from any device.
    Easily search, update, and add your personal ingredients.
  • Analyze your products accurately

    Analyze your products accurately

    Calculate the nutrients of your recipes at a click, including all required nutritional values, allergens, vitamins, RI, and QUID.
  • Produce compliant labels instantly

    Produce compliant labels instantly

    Print your food labels, or export directly to excel or label printing software.
    Adheres to EU 1169 & US mandated legislation.

Why Nutraid

  • Intuitive & Easy – regardless of your technology skills, Nutraid software is especially designed so even non-tech users can create labels in a few simple steps.
  • Multilingual translate your labels to any major European language at a single click, or use our Multilingual label format.
  • Highly secure – your data is safe with Nutraid hack-proof encryption technology on secured servers, with an option to save your recipes on your personal computer.
  • Food Standards Compliant – with automatic free updates, your recipe’s nutrients, allergens, and label data is always compliant according to the latest European and FDA legislations.
  • Flexible Pricing – Nutraid provides pricing models by credit, subscription, or unlimited on-premise license.

Serving YOUR Business

  • Food Manufacturers

    Food Manufacturers

    Nutritional analysis & food labelling
    Bakeries, Caterers, Confectioners, Frozen foods, Sandwich, Salad manufacturers etc. Get started

  • Restaurants


    Nutrition data for menu & Website
    Get nutrient, calorie and allergen info for all your dishes & meals.
    Get started

  • Food Consultants

    Food Consultants

    Meet latest legislation standards

    Help food businesses meet nutritional analysis & labelling
    challenges. Get started

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