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About Nutraid

Nutraid group is a collaboration of food technology and computer software professionals active in the food sector. Our software was created in the year 2000 to provide food manufacturers a simple and inexpensive tool for calculating nutritional analysis and managing their recipes.

Today, with the new mandatory EEC labelling requirements just around the corner, we are ready to help food businesses and restaurants – especially small to medium-sized enterprises – easily and cost-effectively produce compliant EU 1169 and US labels, in their choice of language.

We are committed to continually innovate and provide the most relevant and reliable nutrient databases, advanced cloud-based service, friendly UI, and the latest legislation updates.

With Nutraid to their aid, our clients are free to focus on the main aspects of their business, knowing they can test, improve and update their recipes and labels at a single click.

Always at your AID – Nutraid!

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