Nutraid to Launch Nutritional Analysis and Food Labelling Solution at  Food Expo Greece Exhibition

Nutraid to Launch Nutritional Analysis and Food Labelling Solution at Food Expo Greece Exhibition

Company currently expanding its channel partner network
and growing rapidly in Europe

Nicosia, Cyprus (March 5, 2018) – Nutraid, an innovative provider of nutritional analysis and food labelling solutions, today announced that the company will be launching its Nutraid SaaS solution at the upcoming Food Expo exhibition in Athens, with its new partner Food-scion food safely consultancy.

The Nutraid SaaS solution is designed for food manufacturers, caterers and restaurants to calculate the nutritional values of their recipes and create compliant food labels in minutes. With the Nutraid SaaS solution, users simply enter their recipe ingredients and customized label information and then select their label format and language. The labels can be downloaded for further editing or can be exported directly to label printing software.

The Nutraid SaaS solution addresses the growing need for regulation compliant food labels and allergen statements. For instance, EU Regulation 1169 requires that all food manufacturers in the European Union clearly and accurately provide customers with information on nutritional value, allergens and ingredients declaration for the foods they package, while the FDA in the United States maintains strict standards for food labels. The Nutraid SaaS solution easily supports these and other regional and international food labelling regulatory requirements.

Restaurants use Nutraid SaaS solution to create, update and share nutritional data, ingredient and allergen statements for their recipes, dishes and menus across the organization.
The software additionally helps facilities such hospitals and caterers to test and manage their recipe nutritional values for specialized diets and healthier recipes.

The Nutraid SaaS solution is currently available in several European languages, including English, Greek, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. The Nutraid SaaS solution can automatically translate labels to any of the available languages and includes options for preparing multilingual labels. Recipe value and costing reports provide additional valuable insight.

The Nutraid SaaS solution also incorporates several international ingredient databases, including McCance & Widdowson, USDA, INRAN and Ciqual.

The Nutraid SaaS solution runs from the Cloud and is accessible from any device.

“We are growing rapidly across Europe and our ability to easily facilitate compliance with food labelling regulations, continues to drive the demand for our solution among food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels and hospitals,” explained Roni Avital, General Manager at Nutraid. “We welcome our new partner, Food-scion food safety consultancy, and believe that together we can better serve the Cypres and Greek food industry markets and boost their ability to cost-effectively calculate nutrition.”

Nutraid reports that the company successfully launched in France and Italy the previous year, and currently holds a 25% market share in Israel.

Nutraid will be demonstrating its nutritional analysis and food labelling solution at the Food Expo show in Athens, Greece on March 10-12 at Hall 2 BoothE40 and is offering a 40% discount on an annual subscription to all event attendees.

About Nutraid

Nutraid Europe Ltd. is a leading software vendor for the global Food & Beverage industry, combining food technology with dynamic software development expertise. Nutraid SaaS is a cloud-based solution that helps food manufacturers and restaurants easily calculate the nutritional values of their recipes and create multilingual, compliant food labels in minutes. The software is compliant with the latest EU 1169/2011 and FDA food labelling regulations. Nutraid SaaS supports automatic label translation with no installation, minimal training and online availability from any device.
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